The links below are to different sets of photos. The name of the link gives hints to the context of the event such as date and subject. Call if you want to know more.

2005 Onset
2005-07-09 fox
2005-08-13 Whale Watching
2005-08-13 Brad's Pictures Whale Watching
2005-08-28 Newfoundland (Signal Hill)
2005-08-29 Newfoundland (dinner)
2005-08-30 Newfoundland (homeward bound)
2005-06-19 Norman Rockwell and victorian
2005-01-24 snow
2006-06-16 COD Award
2006-06-30 Stables
2006-07-04 Whales and Fireworks
2006-08-05 Spiedies Fest at Binghamton NY
2006-09-10 Reeds first weekend
2006-10-31 Reed
2006-11-24 Thanksgiving and hunting in Texas
2006-12-29 Dan K snowin north valley
2007-02-09 visiting Reed
2007-03-07 Reed at work with Courney